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PHP Programming Services

php5.png Gogo:Code is a small company providing timely, efficient and affordable PHP Programming, in order to provide Professional Web Programming Services for both new and existing Dynamic Websites running on the PHP, Apache and MySQL combination rapidly becoming the toolset of choice for delivering dynamic web content.

Gogo:Code is owned and operated by the accomplished developer and server administrator, James Sleeman (B.Sc).

Low rates, high quality.

With the low New Zealand cost of living, low overheads and a good exchange rate for overseas clients, the Gogo:Code PHP Programming rates are affordably low (see our rates).

While the idea of working remotely may seem strange and perhaps dawnting to you, James Sleeman has provided PHP Programming Services to clients remotely many times, be they two doors down the road, or on the other side of the planet, they, and you will recieve the exact same high level of PHP Programming service.

Small Job Specialist

Gogo:Code takes pride in providing high quality service for even the smallest of jobs. Even if your project will only take an hour, Gogo:Code will be happy to provide a fixed quote and complete your project to the highest quality.

While no job is too small for Gogo:Code, we do know our limits and unlike some developers who often "bite off more than they can chew", Gogo:Code will not waste your time or money when a job is too large, complex or "different" to be handled in a timely or efficient manner.

You can be assured that when we start a job, it will be finished on time and in budget and that we will always be "straight up" about the status of your project. Our job is not complete if you are not satisfied.

Christchurch, centre of the map.

Gogo:Code is located in Christchurch New Zealand, brighton-sumner.JPGbut the majority of our clients are international. Being based in New Zealand gives advantages for clients overseas, most importantly, the cost of living in New Zealand is much lower than many other countries, which means that Gogo:Code's rates are low.

New Zealand is a safe, western, English speaking country located far away from the hot spots of the world, infact we're located far away from just about everyone, but Gogo:Code's high speed internet connection we might as well be right next door to you.

Our beautiful country is first to see the light each day, we are 12 hours ahead of GMT, but James himself is often working to a different timezone to accommodate clients.