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What is Gogo? 

inspector_gadget_01.jpgPeople ask from time to time what "Gogo" means, and why I chose that word as a company name.

Well, quite simply I wanted a short name that would be easy to remember, and one that still had a .co.nz domain name available. The task was harder than you would think, I came up with a few names but for one reason or another they were unsuitable, I asked friends and they couldn't think of anything either.

Then one day something reminded me of an old cartoon series, Inspector Gadget, and a catch phrase from that show - "Go Go Gadget". Being a cartoon fan, it struck me as the perfect name - "Gogo", as in "Gogo Code Gadget" or "Gogo Database Gadget" or ... you get the picture, short, simple, the domain was available and I liked it (even if nobody else did !).

It's worth mentioning that Inspector Gadget was voiced by the late Don Adams, who I'm sure you will remember as Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 of Control, another gadget man.