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Note: To save some time, here are some notes on how I work.

  • If it's not described in an email, it's not going to get done, telephone calls are not efficient.
  • If you want me to work on your existing site I am going to need FTP and Database access to your server to even see if I can help.
  • If you are not going to put your project's details in this form or an attachment, I will not be able to help you with your project.
  • I do not do "partnership" deals, or "work for a share" or anything like that.
  • I do not work on "retainer" or contract to "do X hours a day/week/month", I work only on a project basis, that is, you have a specific project you need me to do, you send details of the project and we go from there.
  • I may well comment on your idea especially if I see that your idea has some flaws or that you are not fully prepared. Take advice, not offense.

Our project management requires you specify a domain name, if the website in question doesn't have one yet make one up that seems sensible.

Please indicate wether you are an existing/returning customer.
Please give at least your country.
Budget :
Note this is used only to determine project feasability.
Please write one sentance that says what the project is 'about'.
Attach as many files as you like.
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