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Don't Click Here 

People who write the content for web sites often use "click here" links, for example, to go to our contact page click here, to go to our services page click here etc..

Don't do that !

Why you say? Because "click here" says absolutly nothing about what the link is to, it is purely useless unless the person reads the surrounding context of the paragraph to find out what the "click here" refers to.

Why is that bad you say? There are two main reasons,
  • Firstly it means you can't easily skim read a page looking for that link you want, you have to read the entire text just to find that "contact" link.

  • Secondly, imagine you are blind and using screen reader software, no more can you tab between links because all you hear your computer say is "click here", the blind person can not even quickly skim the words around the "click here" to work out what it is they are going to click.

It's all about usability people, if you want to link to the contact page then link to the contact page but for the love of Zarquon don't click here!