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eCommerce and Shopping

Let's face it, if you're going to make money on the web it's through selling something, the days of "put up an ad banner and become a millionaire" are long since past.

Gogo:Code has in it's arsenal of "useful stuff we have written" a complete and modular eCommerce soluton which can be tailored to the business' specific requirements at a very affordable cost. 

We will work with you to brand the administration system so that it appears as a system offered exclusively by your company, and this may include developing modifications and additions which are only offered by your company.

So if your web development project needs any eCommerce functionality, contact us to discuss the pricing, options, and see a demo of our Gogo Shopping System.

In brief the modules provided by the Shopping Solution are...

Product Module

This module provides the basic product database, separated into categories.  Products and categories are fully administered through the easy to use but very powerful administration system.

Orders Module

This module handles the order-making process, where the customrer adds items to a basket (shopping cart, hand trolley, old cardboard box ... whatever you wish to call it), provides their contact details, selects a shipping method, and finally places the order.  The administrator is notified of orders and uses the administration system to easily and efficiently process them.

Quote Module 

An addon to the Ordering System allows for an order to be sent as a "Quote Request", the administrator is able to alter the pricing (for example to give a specific shipping cost) and reply back to the customer right from the administration system.

Shipping Module

This module provides the calculations for shipping an order.  We have a number of existing calculations, including flat-rate, per item, per order, order total price range, and NZ Post Parcel weights.  We will work with you to develop a shipping calculator which meets the business needs of your client.

Payments Module

This system allows the Customer to pay for the order.  Many different payment handlers are available including PayPal, Direct Payment Solutions, and manual credit card handling where the administrator will receive notification of the payment request and manually process the credit card details (the same as they would do for a telephone order).  We will work with you to develop a payment handler which meets the business needs of your client.