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Send Newsletters

If there is any truth in marketing, it's that you have got to get the word out about your products or services if you ever expect people to want them.

Online newsletters are a staple of websites these days, and of course Gogo:Code has a ready made system for providing a newsletter functionality to your site.

Using Gogo Newsletter customers can sign up to one or more newsletters, they can edit their subscriptions, and unsubscribe at any time.

To be good netizens, the system is a double-opt-in system, that means that when a customer signs up, they are sent an email and must confirm before their signup is complete.

Newsletters are also sent in mult-part format, with both HTML and an automatically generated text version for recipients who are unable to view HTML emails.

For the administrator, sending a newsletter is as easy as selecting a template that you the graphic designer has constructed, entering in their content in a WYSIWYG editor, selecting the people to send it to, and hitting the go button.

If you need to provide a newsletter functionality to your next project, please contact us to discuss Gogo Newsletter.