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Page Editing and Content Management

As a graphic/web designer, your clients probably always ask "how can I edit my site's pages"?  And reluctantly you have to show them how to edit your carefully designed pages, or tell them that "no, editing them would be too difficult for you".

Sure there are content managers out there like Mambo/Joomla, *Nuke, or any of the others, but those are very complicated for both you to setup, and the client to use, they all have too many options and just confuse your client.

Enter (Stage Left) Gogo Editable

Gogo Editable is a system we have developed with two underlying premises.

The first is that it should be EASY for you, the designer, to tag certain parts of each page as "editable", be it the page title, a certain paragraph, a menu, a single image, or even an entire area of HTML. 

The second is that it should be EASY for your client, who doesn't know HTML, or have your eye for design to edit the website content.  They should only be able to edit what you want them to edit, and only in the styles (unless they try very hard) that you want them to use.

Contact us today to find out how you can offer a simple, easy to use editable page system to your clients.

I'm using gogoEditable right now, editing this very page.  Here's a screenshot :)