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PHP Programming Services 

PHP is the future, PHP is the web - at least that's the view of Gogo:Code, and it's not surprising that PHP programming is what Gogo:Code does best. Whether you need a system built from scratch, or an existing system repaired or modified, Gogo:Code has the expertise to weave the PHP magic for you.

What is PHP ?

PHP is a web application language, what that means in lay-man's terms is that PHP is the hammer and nails that a programmer uses to build your web site, in fact it's also the timber, the roofing iron, and the furniture.

Why is it so good?

PHP is an open source product, that not only means it is under continual rapid development, it's also free, it has an enormous following of users, and as a result it has huge amounts of support both from the "community" and commercially through companies like Zend.

But wait, there's more!

PHP on it's own is just one part of the three tools that the web is being built on here at Gogo:Code and around the world. Apache is the "web server", you can think of this as the postal service, it passes messages between the user and PHP. And MySQL is the "database", you can think of this as a warehouse that PHP stores all it's information in.